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A devotional reading for every day of the year from father and son James Kyle and Ian Richard Kyle Paisley The Lord Bannside Foundation, 2020, h/b, 408pp, £20 (plus postage). Available from the Bannside Library, [...]


The Gospel of Sovereign Grace

This is a most interesting book in that it contains, in a well set out manner, the simple principles of Calvinist teaching on the doctrines of sovereign grace. It is this, therefore, that the objective of the book is set - to examine what causes great enthusiasm in some quarters and confusion in others on the subject of Calvinism. It is a look-back and preparation for going forward. It is a very Protestant volume!


Changed Times

As a student, I enjoyed historical fiction, and was delighted to renew my enthusiasm for that genre by reviewing this book, which is set in the small town of Lesmahagow in southern Scotland in 1679 at the time of the Scottish Covenanters. This is the author’s debut novel, and I was gripped! Events move at breakneck speed, and there is drama on virtually every page.


John Knox – Fearless Faith

Steven J Lawson’s short biography ‘John Knox – Fearless Faith’, which was serialised in the Banner of Truth magazine, concludes with the following: ‘May God give to his church again strong men possessed with the indomitable spirit of John Knox ... Give us men with a trumpet to their lips, sounding their Master’s message, plainly and boldly, to the ears of all.


John Knox – Bitesize Biographies

John J Murray’s short biography of John Knox is part of Evangelical Press’s Bitesize Biography series. Murray concludes his book with a quote from Sir William Stirling Maxwell who wrote: ‘No man in England or Scotland who values liberty, national, civil or religious, can speak of Knox without reverence and gratitude’.


John Knox and the Reformation

The Banner of Truth publication ‘John Knox and the Reformation’ is a compilation of three previously published addresses. Lloyd-Jones’ address on ‘Remembering the Reformation’ appears in the book ‘Knowing the Times’ and his ‘John Knox – the Founder of Puritanism’ is in ‘The Puritans: Their Origins and Successors’.


A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Papacy

This is a truly excellent addition to CFP’s pocket guide series and one that is a “must read”. Many books have been written about the papacy, some more readable and reliable than others, but this pocket-sized book provides us with one of the best and most succinct summaries of the origins, claims and modern-day role of the Roman Catholic Church I have read.