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Reformation Scotland 2019 p/b, 221pp, £5.00.

These are times of deep spiritual confusion and darkness. People have many questions about life and death and many answers are offered to such questions. However, only Biblical answers carry any real authority or offer any real hope. We praise God for our forefathers who were spiritual men with deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible. They have handed down to us those great creeds and confessions that, despite the passage of time, continue to speak to us today, and provide us with wonderful frameworks for a better understanding of Biblical doctrine and theology. One such document is the Westminster Shorter Catechism which is still taught in many Sunday Schools and Bible classes across the land. Children may not fully understand some of what they learn in the Catechism, but it is clear that the seeds planted will in due course bring forth fruit in later life. I was reared in Anglicanism and never learned the Shorter Catechism as a child, but as an adult Christian, I have come to love it.

“Bible Truth Explored” began as a series of articles in the young people’s “Explorer” magazine published by the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), and, after extensive revising and editing, they form the basis of this book. The author takes us through the Catechism question by question and provides us with a ”Something to think about” section at the end of each chapter. If you are new to the Shorter Catechism or want to deepen your knowledge of it, then this is the book for you. It would be suitable for group, family and individual study.


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