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by D M Lloyd-Jones and Iain Murray
(Banner of Truth Trust, 2011, 144pp, p/b £5.50

The Banner of Truth publication ‘John Knox and the Reformation’ is a compilation of three previously published addresses.  Lloyd-Jones’ address on ‘Remembering the Reformation’ appears in the book ‘Knowing the Times’ and his ‘John Knox – the Founder of Puritanism’ is in ‘The Puritans: Their Origins and Successors’. Iain Murray’s address on ‘John Knox and the Battle’ appears in his book, ‘A Scottish Christian Heritage’.

Lloyd-Jones ends his address on ‘Remembering the Reformation’ with these words: ‘The God of John Knox is still there, and still the same, and thank God, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and for ever.  Oh, that we might know the God of John Knox!’  In his address on ‘John Knox – the Founder of Puritanism’ Lloyd-Jones makes the case that John Knox along with William Tyndale were the founders of English Puritanism, and he concentrates on Knox’s influence on the Church of England.