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JOHN KNOX – Fearless Faith

by Steven J Lawson
(Christian Focus Publications, 2014, 128pp, p/b, £6.99).

Steven J Lawson’s short biography ‘John Knox – Fearless Faith’, which was serialised in the Banner of Truth magazine, concludes with the following: ‘May God give to his church again strong men possessed with the indomitable spirit of John Knox … Give us men with a trumpet to their lips, sounding their Master’s message, plainly and boldly, to the ears of all.  If a new Reformation is to come, it will come through the Spirit-empowered preaching of the Word of God in pulpits around the world.  May the example of Knox embolden preachers and all who know Christ to herald His saving gospel.  May a new generation declare the truth of Scripture in the broadest context of the full counsel of God’. Jack Greenald