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The Ulster Bulwark


The Ulster Bulwark is the official organ of the Evangelical Protestant Society. The Ulster Bulwark has existed, in one form or another, for almost 70 years. It is issued quarterly, free on request, and in January 2017 it underwent a major revamp. It is now an A5 format, 20 page, full-colour publication, and we feel it is now very much fit for purpose as we seek to utilise it to defend and promote historic Biblical Protestantism in the 21st century. The magazine has a wide and varied circulation. Although the majority of copies are issued within the UK – mainly Northern Ireland – copies are sent all around the world, and we have an active support base in places such as California, France and Australia.

The Ulster Bulwark articulates the many aspects of the work and witness of EPS. As a Society, we want to proclaim the Gospel of salvation by faith alone, and many of our magazine articles are evangelical. As such, we are keen for the magazine to be read by those who are yet unsaved, and we include in that both Protestants and Roman Catholics. We also want to educate and inform evangelicals about the key tenets of the historic Protestant faith, and several of our articles are therefore doctrinal in nature. Church history is another vital area often covered in the magazine. In addition, we carry devotional articles designed to encourage and support believers in their daily Christian life, news and updates on key issues of the day, and the occasional book review.

We would encourage you to obtain a copy or copies of the Ulster Bulwark on a regular basis, and we can easily add your name to our mailing lists. Please see the “Get Involved” section for further details.


Wallace Thompson has been editor of the Ulster Bulwark since 2001. He is also secretary of EPS on a part-time, self-employed basis. Wallace was born in 1953 in Ballymoney and, after graduating in Modern History from Queen’s University in 1977, he was involved in full-time politics for a short period, but then spent the bulk of his career in the NI Civil Service. From 2007-2009 he was a political Special Adviser to Mr Nigel Dodds. Wallace is now retired and is able to devote more time to EPS and to the Ulster Bulwark. He is Clerk of Session of Knock Evangelical Presbyterian Church and Chairman of the evangelical lobby group, the Caleb Foundation. He is also a family man who loves to spend time with his grandchildren!

The Ulster Bulwark

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